Film: 381

Industry + Work | 1930 | Sound | B/W


This film is about how to make gas from coal with film from several gasworks in London 1930's

Gasworks. A drum Plate. Coal mining at sea. Overhead conveyor belts carry coal or coke to the gas works. View of the gas works. A worker is putting coal into a horizontal retort to make gas. View of the inside of the gas works. Coal has changed into coke. More views of coke making process. Gas pipes. General view of a coke oven factory. View of the processes used to burn coke. Water tower (where coke is cooled). View of a white smoking chimney. Wagon carrying cooled coke. Coke is dumped. Gas pipes (carry gas produced in the coke oven). An intermittent cylindrical ? Retort (small coke ovens). Burned coke. Gas flames coming out of the retort valves. A man inspects the valves. A skip full of red hot coke. Another view of the skip containing coke arriving at the water tower. More coke baking. View of a continuous vertical retort. Hot coke on a conveyor belt. Gas pipes outside the gas works. Section of the Fulham factory that makes gas from coke. Blue water gas flame. Another view of the gas manufacturing machinery. Oil is added to the gas. Large gas pipes. More gas pipes. Gas purifying process. Tar. Another view of the gas purifying process. A 1930s woman drills the pavement. Moth balls made from naphthalene. Tar barrels. A truck is loaded with tar. A sign saying road works ahead. A road is being resurfaced. The use of a road roller. Gas pipes used in the process of gas purification, ammonia is treated with sulphuric acid. View of sulphate of ammonia (fertilizer). Bags are loaded onto a barge on the River Thames. View of gas purifying works. Reference to Southall and Beckton gas works, where the whole film is shot.

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