Film: 3816

Feature Comedy | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Amateur production. Amateur home movie.
Little boy in cinema seat. Boy on spotlight and camera, editor. Midwife hands over baby to father on front doorstep of large building. Father comes home, he sits in chair next to wife's friend, takes his shoes off, reveals his very smelly feet (she holds her nose), dog brings slippers, mum and friend are going to the pictures. Woman says 'Men are bad, but husbands are far worse ', good line.
Father in the kitchen with apron on. Phone rings. He boils milk over. He cleans pan with lots of washing powder. Lots of bubbles. Kids go for more milk, he breaks it. They get more. He locks himself out, climbs in window, police are called. He undresses baby. Father uses his teeth to put nappy on baby. Father asleep over a book called 'Child Care'. Close up of crying distraught face of father, very over the top, good picture of hysterical behaviour, even madness, a male scream with horror !

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