Film: 3822

Media | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Leaf ants. Close-up of bees in Hive. Ducks and ducklings. Mother and baby. She is woken by crying. Breast feeding. Girl on white horse by lake in woods. Shepherd whistling to two dogs. Flock of sheep. Cave painting (Lascaux in France?). Frieze of ancient Syrians. Cuneiform writing. Japanese woman painting in traditional style. Cartographer making cartouche. Musical score. Architecture. Organ in church. Organ music. Stained glass period costume c. 1750 of three people. Art. Stills including coach, sailing ship, paddle steamer, early train. Close up of steam engines wheels. Magnetism. Needle spins. Historical reconstruction mock-up of scientist experimenting with magnetism. Morse telegraph in operation. Wires. Very good shot. Early telephone, lady picks up phone and asks operator for number, not a self-dial phone. (All old shots acted). Post Office Tower. Abacus operation. Mechanical music by holes cut in card. Babbage weaving loom run by hole-punched cards. Old computing machine, wood. Modern computers. Motorways. Office paperwork computer in big building, tapes. Use of computer by outlying bank, punch holes and send by courier to master computer by car. Post office data-telephone. Datel transmission down phone line. Rabbits and foxes. Phone dialling. School children and computers . Operating theatre. Electrocardiograph. Blips on screen and paper print out. Air traffic. BOAC airliner. Air traffic control. Radar. Cockpit. Landing. Gear lowered. Landing PAN AM. Glider. Racing car design by computer of planes, cars, industrial pipes. Birds in flight, (Canada geese?)

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