Film: 3825

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Paris, France.
Images of Paris. Monuments. The River Seine. Notre Dame. Steam boats. Canals. Women of Paris. Fashion shows. Restaurants. Chefs. Restaurant interior. Market place. Fishmongers. Brittany. Fishing village, boats, fishermen on board small trawlers, nets pulled on board, pile of writhing sardines on the deck of the boat, crowds on dock. Fishermen's wives canning sardines one of the women is wearing a very strange conical hat. Interior of lobster farm. Lobsters being netted, pulled out of large tanks and thrown on pile of living lobsters. Normandy farming. Fields. Horse drawn reaper, hay bailing. Duck pond / poultry. Milking cows. Woman preparing / cooking vegetables. Family at dinner table. Flour mill. Milk sent to creamery. Making of Camembert Selection of cheese. Champagne. Man buying champagne in off licence. Vineyards. Workers picking grapes. Cart in street, filled with grapes. Grapes are weighed white in and put into wine press. Barrels of champagne gathered. Cathedral / castle / vineyard. Champagne is fermented. Bottles are smelled and sealed. Bottles labelled in factory packed, and shipped. Good aerial shots of French market.

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