Film: 383

Places + Locations | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Morocco, North Africa 1930's

Pointing out Ethiopia and other places including Morocco on a Map of Africa.
Marrakech with scenes of the Atlas Mountains, old city walls and the Koutoubia tower/mosque. The market square, Djemaa el Fna square in Marrakesh. Various origins of native people. A public scribe whittles bamboo into the shape of a pen. A customer, most likely someone who can't read or write, watches as he writes in Arabic. Children play marbles on the ground. Morocco famous for it's leather. A man (Harness maker) makes a belt from goatskin. A young man tries on the belt seemingly pleased with it. Women making dyes out of vegetable matter, dying silk in a bucket in the open street.
A well known pest, a plague of locusts crawling everywhere. The natives try to sweep them away. They dig big ditches which they drive them into so that they drown or drive them into straw which is then set on fire. The Arabs also boil them and eat them.
Land snails are also harvested. The snails cling to stalks and are harvested by hand into baskets and a donkey carries the baskets. The snails are then sorted by size and quality. A woman smokes whilst sorting. Escargots are exported to France, Italy and the United States.
A restaurant in Marrakesh. Shoes are left at the door and two older men squat on cushions. They eat Goat meat served on an earthen platter and covered by a straw bonnet. They use their fingers to dip bread in the sauce. A group of musicians play for them. At the end of the meal they wash in a brass bowl using a napkin to dry. They then partake in making Mint tea. A silver teapot is used to pour water into two glasses, mint is then crammed into the teapot and infused with hot water. Two men drinking tea whilst musicians play.

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