Film: 3836

Natural History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


P. D. S. A. In Scotland
People collecting money in the street in charity cans and people receiving stickers. Close ups of open purses. A Scots piper. Glasgow, Scotland, Little girl brings puppy to dispensary, cat is examined. Dog gets X-rayed. Display of things eaten by dogs and cats. Animal ambulance. Cattery for discarded animals. Cats at play. Aberdeen, ships unloaded. Cat with ear trouble. Analysis at laboratory. Pharmacy. Animal waiting room. Puppy is checked over. Leaflets given to children. Children doing voluntary work for the PDSA. Guild news letter. Women at a high speed jumble sale. Animal day. tin rattling on a flag day. Mobile dispensary. Paisley branch of P.D.S.A. Woman vet attends cat. Boxing up a cat.

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