Film: 3843

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Visit Queensland, Australia in the 1960's. Two young women on holiday.

Man pans for gold. Stagecoach, train, car and caravan. Plane arrives at Cairns. Aerial shot. Streets, hospital. Watering garden. Convoy of boats goes fishing for Marlin. Man strapped in to chair to fish. Cooks town. Lighthouse. Tin prospecting. Sugar cane fields. Innovate. Burning the fields. Cane harvester. Tobacco plants. Orange grove. Tea plantation. Bananas. Women eating watermelon eaten in swimming pool. Steak Restaurant. Pink champagne. Great dancing scene.. Chili go limestone caves. Light plane lands. Carbide lamps. Waterfall. Gemstones - agate. Peacock displays. Orchids. Crater lakes, speedboats and skiing. Bowls, cricket, golf. Motorbikes on beach and cars. Bike jumps over car. Coral reef viewed from underwater. Fishing. Nesting terns. Plane takes off, airport farewell.

Valley filled with shrubbery and a water source flowing through the middle, shot zooms in to show a man on the shore panning for gold, looks as through he finds nothing and appears to give up. Long grasses flow in the wind with rolling hills in the background. A parade with beautifully decorated floats passes through busy streets lined with people. Another scene of the man looking for gold, he looks hopeful. Horse drawn carriage travels at great speed along a path. Train passes through the countryside, sweeping the vegetation to one side as it moves through. Car tows a caravan along a main road. Close up of "National Route" sign. Group of people emerge from a plane and make their way down the steps where they are greeted by travel crew. Ariel views of Trinity Bay. Cars, trucks and a bike pass along a main street. Shots of various large local buildings. A nurse is with a patient in a wheelchair outside a hospital, a young colored girl approaches with a doll and engages in conversation with the gentleman. A man is mowing the outside of a large property. A lady walks out of her property with a small white dog running beside her. Another lady is seen to be watering her garden with a hosepipe. Rolling shot of the sea with land clearly visible in the background and trees in the foreground. A couple walk across a road to a viewpoint overlooking the ocean and surrounding scenery, a car pulls up beside them and two young ladies emerge, joining them at the viewpoint. 3 white fishing boats sail across the sea, a fisherman brings a readily prepared hook with bait out and drops it into the ocean as the boat continues to travel. A group of three pull up to the shore in a small jet powered white boat, a man helps them onto land. He shows them to a memorial statue passing an old, unused cannon on their way. Shots of old paintings appear to show why the statue is there. A gentleman in a large hat walks halfway across the road before lighting a cigarette. 2 young females look out from on top of a tower across the beautiful scenery. They enter a huge pink colored building. Shots of an abandoned and damaged big house, the girls proceed to walk up the steps carefully. They inspect the house when some shutters blow open, they peer inside curiously. A man is using a large hosepipe to fill a hole in the ground. A trough is shown filled with water and a spade is being used to sieve the substance inside, it is then placed into another container when most of the water is removed. Corn fields are shown surrounded by rolling countryside. A nice view of the town surrounded by pretty scenery. A farmer drives his tractor through his crops. More ariel views of the countryside. Another shot of the corn fields. Men run through a field deliberately setting fire to tall and presumably unwanted grasses, a large fire is started. Worker takes off his hat and has a drink. Wood cutting is taking place in a field, with a man stood on top of the trailer to make sure that it is evenly spread. Shots of different crop fields and women working away, they are shown large leaves with an explanation given. Couple walking through an orchard, they remove an orange from the tree, cutting it in half and tasting it. They walk down a row of tea plantation and pick some leaves. A large bunch of bananas hang from a tree and the young lady picks one. A watermelon is split in half. People are lounging in and around the poolside, sliced melon is then handed out to those that want it. Returning to the fishing boat, a fish appears to be after the bait, the fisherman picks up the rod and reels the fish in. The mariln room restaurant, big plate of food with a large steak potentially moose in the middle, lot of people present enjoying their meals, champagne bottle is opened and poured into glasses. People dancing away in the background whilst others dine. Close up of the girls seen earlier dancing. Large fish head on a platter with drinks being placed beside it. Ocean waves and the fisherman continues to reel in his fish. A plane lands in a field and passes by the camera. A gentleman helps 2 young ladies out of the aircraft, where they are greeted by another man. They proceed to walk up towards some caves. Once inside they hold lights to enable them to see properly. They walk around admiring all the different formations within the cave. A river runs down a series of rocks, forming a waterfall, a girl in a swimsuit drinks from the top, she reaches up and waves to somebody. A girl on the bank waves back at her, she appears to be holding a camera. The girl carefully balances across part of the top of the waterfall, the camera then pans out to reveal the whole of the waterfall. 2 people hop from one large rock to another to avoid the water in-between, the girl then gets into the water for a swim. 2 men jump from a fairly high distance into the water below. The lady dunks her head under the water flowing off the rock above. 2 women visit a souvenir shop where they admire gemstones, the one then places a necklace around the other. Peacock displaying his feathers proudly. Orchids are shown as the women visit a garden centre. A car drives off into the distance along country lanes. Car drives past the camera as is closes in on a tree. Tractor being driven through a field past a large tree. A young girl poses by a blossoming tree whilst her mother takes her picture. Shots of various trees and blossoms. Returning to the fisherman, he is still struggling to reel in his catch. A lake is shown from an areal perspective through clouds and surrounded by a huge forest, also shown from another angle. Speedboats racing along the water are towing people on jetskiis. Group of men dressed head to toe in white with hats are playing bowls. Another group are playing cricket, the batter hits the ball and makes some runs. A golf game is shown next, the man demonstrates how to hit the ball and then goes on to show the lady how to hold the position the club correctly, she proceeds to swing and hit the ball. Motorbike racing is then shown across a beach with spectators stood to the side lining the beach, racing around 2 flags located at opposite sides of the beach. Car racing then also takes place on the beach with onlookers, they appear to be using the same flags. Families sat enjoying picnics and talking by their cars when suddenly a motorbike flies over one, followed shortly after by another one. The fisherman continues to fight with the fish. A boat is wheeled out to sea with 2 young ladies aboard it. An island within the sea is shown from an a birds eye view. 3 young people float through the water in a small inflatable which appears to have a source of power. People swimming in the sea with parasols in the backdrop in the sand. Group of school children walk along to an underwater observatory, they peer through thick glass windows to witness the goings on under the sea, there are ranges of fishes, corals and other plants. A diver is shown surrounded by fishes and appears to be releasing food from a bag he is holding, a manta ray also appears for feeding time. A boat is floating at sea and a woman sits on the end pulling up her fishing line to reveal a fish she has caught. The fisherman continues to reel in his fish, it is large and he has brought it alongside the boat, they continue to lift the fish into the boat, a flag is then raised with the image of a fish upon it. The group walk out from the sea, a woman receiving a piggyback. As they come more inland they find a huge amount of birds present, lots flying around and others just sat still, they walk through them. They come across some chicks and pick them up to admire and stroke them. Birds flying around in the air. Man panning for gold, 2 ladies peer over the side of a bridge to see what he is up to. The visitors kiss farewell and board the plane for their journey, one lady turning to wave goodbye, those on the ground wave back at her. Shot of the planes wheels moving along before taking off. Scene of the bay again from the air.

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