Film: 3844

Media | 1950 | Sound | B/W


The Netherlands. The Holland Festival 1951-1952.
Opening of arts festival by Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. Dutch National Anthem. Opening music by and attended by Igor Stravinsky. Castle near Amsterdam, Mozart played. Folk songs sung by Georgette Hagendoorn.. Hima Kesarcodi classical Indian dance, Bach's High Mass. Windmills, clogs, national dress. Amsterdam, streets, squares, canals. Rembrandt, pictures. Bach High Mass in old church, recording it on Philips equipment. Philips factory at Eindhoven, new buildings, workers, gramophones, electric phograph, radio, recording factory and laboratory, whole sequence of processing, pressing of records, record shop or library, open-air theatre, Yugoslavian dance, Beethoven concerto by Amsterdam Concerto Bauer Orchestra.

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