Film: 3851

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Australian street scenes, trams and trains. Men and women on way to work. Follow three people in banking to work. Clock strikes 10. Doors open in banks. Clerk counts money out. The depositor (historical reconstruction). People leave money with goldsmiths. Quill pen. (Modern) bank teller. Cash book. Counting machine. Remittances filed in pigeon holes. Walk through glass door with 'Remittances' on it, also 'Exchanges'. Withdrawing money. Crossing cheque. Shoving money in large box. Lots of coins. Sorting coins mechanically, and down shoots. Bill of Exchange. Loading wool onto ship by crane. Advances - Building Societies. Building homes. Ambulance. Sign 'Hospital Drive Quietly'. Bills filed on spike. Overdrafts. Women feeding free-range hens. Man feeds cow. Boy milks cow. Six horses harnessed up two by three pull large plough (man sitting on it). Poor crops. Flooding seen from air. Drought. Farming holding two buckets and sons by hands. Bank of Australasia building. National Bank. Arranging overdraft with very simple interview! Industrialists - mill with wood. People lining up for weekly pay. Carpentry. Safe custody: sealed packages. Travel Dept: hand over documents. Bank vaults. Safes and spinning wheels on safe door. Loading in money. (We see nine bank headings). Shop and assistants, customers and tills. Bank adverts. House building. Country town. City part and general view. Sheep flock. Wheat. Crane loading ship. Steel works. Beach. Yachts.

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