Film: 3852

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Advisory film for soldiers on importance of maintaining good toilet hygiene by making it hard for flies to breed and contaminate food.
Forest. People canoeing on lake. Flies on piece of newspaper on ground. Soldiers on training exercise walk cautiously through street of boarded up houses and a boarded up pub. Close in on soldier who leans in a doorway feeling ill and holds his hand to his eyes. Soldiers putting up tent, pan across to soldier leaning against a brick wall vomiting. Person sitting in kayak bends in middle and feels ill. Soldiers in barracks cleaning guns and boots. Commentary talks of diarrhoea, "a touch of the squitters, or just the runs". Soldier cleaning boot doubles up and runs off. Soldier runs into toilet cubicle and closes door. Close up of fly. Pan along holiday seafront in Hong Kong, China. Junks on sea in distance. Point of view from car in holiday resort. High rise hotels. Fly on battery. People walking. Paper and meat refuse with flies on. Fish heads covered in flies. Army camp of tents next to sea. Man putting tent up feels ill and other soldier runs to help him. Soldiers camouflaging a tank in woods when one jumps off, runs behind a bush, and, to superb sound effects, shits. Lots of flies in mesh cage. Officer talks of gastro-enteritis, dysentery, food poisoning, typhoid, and cholera. Close up of fly feeding. Officer stands in front of board on which are pinned large pictures of flies. Many flies feeding from dead brown bear, and from dead cat. Dead cat by side of road surrounded by rubbish as car passes. Maggots. Calf disturbed by flies as it eats from trough. Flies pester its eye. Close up of latrine with shit and paper around opening. Flies buzz around. Flies on human excreta. Close up of flies eating. Close up of fly walking on slices of cold cooked chicken. Fly cleans itself. Parts of the fly. Close up of knife and fork being used to cut cold chicken. Mass of flies feeding on shit on newspaper. Soldier leaves outdoor latrine which is surrounded by sacking. Dirty latrine seat. Flies mating on shit. Flies on animal manure. Refuse lorry unloading refuse on tip. Soldier buttons his belt as he leaves a deep trench latrine. Fly eggs. Close up of stick sorting through rubbish to reveal squirming maggots. Side on shot of maggots burrowing. Time lapse of fly pupa turning black. Fly hatching, and crawling newly hatched flies. Flies breeding. Flies imprisoned in gauze box. Soldier carries metal dustbin to several others. He and a civilian empty bin into another. They put lid back on bin. Man shovels rubbish into outdoor incinerator. Bulldozer covers rubbish. Close up of slop bucket being tipped into pig trough. Pigs eat from trough. Man without shirt in crowded pig pen. Chef wearing small white hat tips rubbish into bin. Close up of chef cutting liver on a wooden chopping board with a large knife. Kitchen which is immaculately clean. Chef washes hands at washbasin with roller towel next to it. Plate of corned beef covered with cling film. Chef locks food away in what looks like large walk-in refrigerator. Chef throws rubbish into pedal bin. Chef puts tray of four chickens into oven, and closes door. Soldier closes window in empty canteen and sprays fly spray from a can high into the air. Man mopping floor of toilets. Soldier leaves toilet cubicle and washes his hands. Close up of repeated attempts to flush high cistern toilet. Door opens and toilet and floor are filthy. Flies on shit in toilet. Fly crawls on piece of cold ham. Soldiers in canteen. Soldier selects slice of contaminated ham. Soldier lies down unconscious in barracks bed. Doctor calls stretcher bearers in to take sick soldier away. Lots of soldiers rapidly climb out of Land Rovers into an urban unrest training exercise which resembles Northern Ireland. An army snatch squad of two soldiers grab a teenager and drag him away so that his heels drag. Youths throw stones. Soldiers crouch down behind plastic shields. Soldiers exhausted after they return from patrol. Filthy toilet. Flies on rubbish. Fly crawls on sleeping soldier's face. Soldiers burn rubbish in oil drum. Soldier feels ill and sits down in doorway. Soldiers at camp abroad (possibly Cyprus). Goatherd and goats. Scottish soldiers with pom poms on their berets. Erecting tents. Digging a latrine with a pick-axe. Man wearing a mask and protective clothing wears a back pack and sprays insecticide on large army cookers in a corrugated iron shack. Man uses fumigant puffer on outside of shack. Gurkha soldier (?) sprays trees. Officer talks to camera. He swats fly on his desk and sweeps it away with his clipboard. He gives a summary voice-over over pictures - burn rubbish, cover food. Soldier tips rubbish down clogged outside drain. Various unsavoury sites - pile of turds, dirty latrines, rubbish. An army Red Cross ambulance travels through the bush. Clean wooden latrine with cover down.

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