Film: 3857

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


A film which shows Sydney's beaches, the beginnings of the Sydney to Hobart Boat Race, old and new architecture in Sydney, Kings Cross, sophisticated night life and modern shopping centres.

Men surf waves at a beach in Sydney, Australia. A boy rides his surfboard. A young male expertly balances on a small surf wave. Palm Beach is seen from the top of a cliff. The sand is thick with people and umbrellas, a surf life guard sits on a high metal stand. A young male and female chat at the beach. A young woman wears a bikini. Another young woman wears a stylish cane hat. The rear view of a woman wearing a sun hat and bathing costume. A young woman wears a fluffy swimming cap as she lies on her towel on the sand. Palm Beach is seen from a high point.

The surf waves roll in at Bondi beach. Thousands of people are on the sand or in the water. The waves dump swimmers. In the shallows, children and adults play. A father runs in shallow water after his little boy who chases an inflatable beach ball. Four little girls dig deeply in the sand to make a high sand castle. Three young women parade on the promenade wearing bikinis and their hair in very bouffant hairstyles. A young man, who looks like Cary Grant, perfectly groomed and wearing a white suit, is making a movie of Bondi Beach. Two young women wear bikinis and extremely bouffant hairstyles.

Manly Beach is thick with people on the sand and in the water. Three teenagers drink from mugs on the sand. There is a close-up of the movie camera. A young bearded man smokes a cigarette. The movie maker stands in front of a forest of yacht masts, there are multi-storey buildings of flats of harbourside Sydney in the background, he moves along the small jetty and shoots more film from another angle. A young man in swimming trunks and a sun hat perches on the bow of a yacht, tightening a rope fixture. The movie maker takes shoots. A young woman wearing a brief bikini is his subject, the young man on the bow of the yacht is now behind the filming man on the jetty.

A flotilla of yachts are on the Sydney Harbour, including one very gracious and large yacht in full sail as it prepares for the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. The many yachts have sailed through the heads of Sydney Harbour, and many small craft accompany them in the traditional bon voyage. People watch from the heads and the movie maker is filming. A large yacht sails on surrounded by small craft. People stand on the harbours Heads in tribute to the yachtsman. The film maker winds his camera. There is sequence of shots of the boats at sea, from one of the small craft; Sydney Harbour seems full of boats and yachts and all sorts of small marine vehicles.

A ferry taking people to work in the city pulls into Circular Quay; the city skyline is in the background. A view of the upper part of the Sydney General Post Office and the P & O Building behind it. A modern office block rises proudly, it begins a sequence of shots showing the modern buildings of Sydney beside the old. A workman stands on the edge of a large tub of wet concrete as it is hoisted by crane high into the air, and is moved onto the top of a building site. There are more modern 1960 rectangular buildings. The movie maker is pictured. There is a sequence of beautiful old Georgian and early Victorian buildings in Sydney. Old terrace houses on the Rocks contrast with the modern shape and steel of the Harbour Bridge in whose shadow they stand.

Pollution creates a haze over the harbour Bridge and the road that leads up to it are heavy with cars. The movie maker crosses the Sydney Harbour Bridge in an open red MG sports car. He drives through the car park of the new shopping complex called Roselands. He parks the car and leaves it, buttoning up his smart -looking jacket as he goes. He enters the shopping complex.

There are several close-up shots of the El Alamein Fountain at Kings Cross, the filmmaker is using a tripod and camera to shoot film of the fountain. Pigeons play in the water of the fountain. The suave young film-maker walks down the street in Kings Cross rather self-consciously, he lights a cigarette and with feigned nonchalance tosses away the match; "Las Vegas" style night life is advertised on the buildings. A couple walk in the dark streets of Kings Cross. There is a sequence of shots from lopsided angles of the neon lights of Kings Cross

A large hotel is pictured after dark. The suave young man walks up the stairs with a glamorous woman who wears a short dress and a fur stole, the doorman of the hotel opens the door for them and they walk through and enter a lift. A musician plays a saxophone. Another plays a bass. The man and his female companion sit at a dinner table in a restaurant, she is handed a menu by the waiter and they look at it together. The couple chat. The jazz musicians play and the young couple dance.

Mr. Ernest Hiller drives his Jaguar car into his tailoring factory. The factory is a modern brick two storey building. Mr Hiller places a mans sports jacket on a tailors dummy, and as salesman stand about, a gentleman client sits in an armchair and watches. The brochure for the Hiller range of jackets called "The Palm Beach" lie in several neat stacks on a blond wood counter. A brochure is picked up by Mr. Hiller and he discusses it with an assistant, in the show room his range of jackets hangs on a long row behind him. In the factory many male tailors cut out the jackets. Women machinists in another part of the factory sew the garments. There is a sequence of close-ups of young female machinists and the various sections of the garment they sew, trim or press at a variety of commercial machines, or finish by hand.

Finally a woman has a completed garment on a tailors model, she presses the shoulders and lapels with a particular machine. Another woman pushes a complete rack of jackets or sports coats in a storage room, it is full of hanging garments. Mr. Hiller is at his office desk talking on the telephone, the suave young man sits at the other side of the desk and glances at his watch, they leave the office together.

They are both at the airport, and walk across the tarmac to the mobile stairs, they turn and wave and climb the stairs to board the Qantas V-Jet. The aeroplane taxis down the runway. It lifts into the sky. An aerial view shows the magnificence of the Sydney Harbour. The plane ascends. Darling Harbour is seen from the air. The young man, "the man from Palm Beach", sits at a bar table at the top of a high building and looks out over Sydney and the harbour.

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