Film: 3858

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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British street scene.
Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia - old city and new city, trams. Boats. Ports of Cortula(?), Hvar, Split. Market of Split. People carry baskets on heads. Lace. Woman wears a lettuce on her head.
Inland coach trip from croatia to Bosnia and Banja Luka district. Jetze? Muslim towns in Herzogovina. Ox-carts. Near Mostar. good shots of costumes. Grabowice Gorge. Spit driven by waterwheel.
Lake Blep? Castle. Tourists sightseeing from horse-drawn coach. Upper Slovenia. Beachwear. Cafes. Limsky Fjord. Artificial Viking village. Pearl oyster bed. Pula Peninsula. Istrian Coast.

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