Film: 3862

Food + Drink | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Guinness production.

Many people have different ideas about how stout beer is made. To some it is the product of science and chemistry; to others a mysterious secret recipe handed down over generations. The truth is a combination of both and this film shows the brewing process at the famous Dublin brewery of Arthur Guinness Son & Co Ltd.

Cutting peat. General views of Ireland. Cart pulled by horse through a town. Narrator gives a general history of Arthur Guinness born 1725.
View of a pub, a man drinks a pint of Guinness. Different types of Guinness, Extra Stout sold in UK, porter sold only in Ireland, Export Stout sold across the world.
Guinness is made of malt barley, roast barley (gives the dark colour) flecked barley (gives the creamy head), hops, yeast and water. The malt, flecked and roast barley are mixed with water and heated to produce a mash. Wort - dark liquid from the mash. Boil the wort with the hops. Hopped wort then cooled and yeast added. Ferment for 3 days. Skim the yeast from the top.
Ingredients, quantity, temperature must be constant to produce the same results and a regular product. Scientists are employed by Guinness to make sure the best quality ingredients are used. They test new strains of barley and hops. Test various types of yeast to get the best product. Expert tasters check the quality of Guiness.
The water for Guinness comes from Saint James Well - a natural spring near Dublin. The Guinness Factory. Vats, barrels and tanks which can hold up to 500 gallons of Guinness for transporting. Factory employs coopers who hand make the barrels with the old cooperage skills.
View of a pub with people enjoying a pint (or half for the ladies) of Guinness. Guinness is good for you.

The basic principles are clearly explained by demonstrations in the laboratory. The camera moves to the countryside of Ireland and Kent to see the barley and hops growing. A tour of the brewery and cooperage completes this fascinating story of a famous product. Includes shots of miniature train at brewery, lorries, train, barge and ships that carry 130,000 gallons at a time. Scenic in places. Brewing beer.

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