Film: 3863

Social History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


This film gives a comprehensive view of the advances of the fight against infection caused by bacteria.
T o set the mood and give the reason for this film, there is an atmospheric setting in an attic full of various items covered in layers of dust. The camera then homes in on a picture of a young girl.
The next scene shows the young girl in a hospital bed with a Dr. tending to her whilst being watched by concerned parents at foot of bed. Period costume here indicates it is Mid 18th Century.
2.05m. Portrays the “Storyteller” seated at a table lit by an Oil Lamp. He states that the girl in the bed is about to die because of ignorance of the infection caused by dust. He then quotes Florence Nightingale “Air can be soiled just like water” and she advocated the removal of dust.
It was during the 1860s that bacteria emerged as the cause of mortality.
3m.16s Change of scene to modern times reflecting how times have changed. A family with Father working in a factory that has high standards of hygiene. Scenes of everyday life an d how easily bacteria is spread.
4m58s Mother is shown in Supermarket selecting Izal toilet paper from a large stack.
5m16sA road with many cars of the 1950s are shown including the Morris Minor.
Great effort is made in this film to emphasise the necessity of personal hygiene by showering and wearing overalls for work.
6m12 A cleaner is shown mopping floors with a disinfectant in the Shower area of factory to ensure that Athletes Foot and other infections that can be spread in this environment are prevented. Other means of spreading infection can be from the clothes we wear.
6m58s A Barrier Cream Poster to prevent Dermatitis.
Girl shown sneezing and discarding tissue
8m45s Canteen serving food to workers. Salmonella is almost always caused by bacteria from hands, therefore washing hands is essential in preventing this.
Schoolgirls at lunch and singing to piano accompaniment.
10m44sCleaner is seen applying a preparation to landing between stairs.
Toilets being cleaned with a large can of Izal germicide being used for this purpose.
Back to stairway and this time the walls are being cleaned up to the ceiling.
11m22s Girls in gym using various apparatus . A fall from the Box Horse by the modern schoolgirl is used to illustrate the improvement in Medical Practice since the opening scene of film.
12m25s An ambulance is seen speeding to hospital where precautions to prevent infection are practised by Surgeons, Nurses, Cleaners and Catering Staff .
Many disinfectants and germicides are now used and stringent rules applied.
Various scenes of different cleaning methods now used.
Zalpon washing cream being poured into handwashing dispenser.
Final scene of floor washing in washroom.

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