Film: 3864

Fashion | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Narrated by Bryden Murdock. Title after places.
In Scotland beauty is the rule rather than the exception! Beautiful vistas unfold and are a regular feature in this film. Loch, Rocky stream, Moor, Crag., ancient ruins and scenes at the Highland Games with the Pipers. Far away on the roof of the World in China and Mongolia is the breeding ground of the Kashmir goat. These animals are not sheared like sheep but combed instead to remove the soft underhair. Two goats provide a sweater. Yaks and mule train transport the wool to market. Further transportation is provided on a boat and steamer. The raw wool is treated on arrival in Scotland, on the banks of Loch Leven it is transformed into yarn for knitting or weaving. A knitwear collection is prepared. Scenes of huge knitting machines at work. Washing and pressing. Some very guady shirts or tops. Cutting room. Button holing and fitting buttons. Finishing touches. Scottish Cashmere is for all the World! Joanna Lumley shows off some of the clothing. Aerial view of convertible MGB driving over mountainous Scottish countryside. More of Joanna wearing a shocking yellow tartan skirt, she shares a drink with a rather ugly bloke with a moustache. Traditional music and song. Lovely locales. More scenes of models posing as couples wearing cashmere. Majestic scenery in both Scotland and Mongolia.

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