Film: 3865

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Old Age pensioners
To the elderly every day is precious and the numbers aged over 80 years is on the increase. Social effects of aging are studied along with the danger of accidents at home and stroke etc. Appalling living conditions in isolation are common (shown). sheltered housing with a warden are successful and make life easier. The film then concentrates on what are called 'Day Centres' which are special locations where the elderly can spend a day on a regular basis which gives them something to look forward to. Time for a good old gossip decent means. Library, dancing, active people discover that retirement can be a shock. 'Workshop Schemes help, fill the gap and prove that the elderly are not 'past it'. A happy retirement with independence and dignity is the aim. Includes opinions of the elderly. Young people can also have a role.

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