Film: 3868

Science | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Inventions.Topics covered as follows:-
1 - Amazing human powered vehicles try for the speed record, both on the ground and in the air. Also at the close of the film we go to the fourth Annual Human Powered Championship with details concerning the strange looking vehicles that can reach 50 mph!
2 - The Gossamer Condor flies under human power. Studies of hand gliders in flight.
3 - Super cool clouds are a danger to aviation. Experiments to eliminate icing up of plane wings involving dry ice as big as a pea!
4 - Tour de France. Various methods to gain and advantage are discussed. Race scenes. Bicycles.
5 - In 1901 a pioneer, Paul Ehrlich, researches manmade chemicals to kill germs and fight disease in the human body. Years later after 419 experiments on mice he finds the answer and also finds the drug
6 - Deductive methods used by scientists and a process of elimination shows that some creatures are unaffected by certain ailments.
7 - A special bicycle where the cyclist leads with the feet is safer.
8 - Human powered vehicles that are capable of 50 mph.

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