Film: 3871

Science | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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The search for solutions using 'adaption'.
Opening footage in Japan. A potter modelling a clay pot.
Egypt the land of pyramids and camels and village people improved life using a loudspeaker.
In Denmark the use of a windmill.
Lightweight structures built for the Arabs.
Changing genetic structures and altering genes for medical purposes. Firefighting and changing the structure of water to suit the hose so that the water flows twice as fast.
The potter adapting the temperature of his kiln. Changes in temperature for survival with examples using lovely footage of a Polar bear on ice, cambels in the desert and a swimmer.
Anaesthesia and the operating theatre.
A young swedish girl with part of her arm missing and how feedback was used when she was given an artifical arm which was such a success and she can do gymnastics.
Fast moving Tokyo streets and how a computer is used to give directions in a car from one place to another.
The potter opens his kiln and retrieves his unique clay pots.

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