Film: 3878

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Children performing sporting activities.
Intertitle: New York, N.Y. Anything on wheels.
Shot of building front and sign "Children's Aid Society : Sloane Children's Centre". Pan down to a group of children on the pavement. Two boys carry out a long pole with wheels and boxes. Voice-over tells us that there will be a race of unusual vehicles built by children. Two boys bring out a sort of pram. A little boy and girl sit inside a washtub on wheels. They are lifted out by older boys. Sign marking junction of 6th Street and Avenue Boulevard. Boy drags his cart of wheels down the street. Boy in wash tub lines up next to him. Boy pretending to be a wheelbarrow next to him. Children sit on nearby house steps and cheer. Girl has Jack Russell dog on lead. Man with small moustache sounds a horn and the race begins. Man with moustache sounds horn and second race begins. Judges sit at table. Man starts race of children with hoops and sticks. Two boys collect prize. Girl wins prize.

Intertitle: Sacramento, California, Pets to Loan
Wooden building marked "California Junior Museum" It's a lending library for animals. Boy feeds a furry animal. Boy shakes guinea pig. Boy watches mice play. Boy and girl hold a large snake. Fox in glass cage (looks really pissed off). Boy taps on glass. Keeper takes white ferret out of run and hands it to boy. Boy looks at two owls. Animal librarian checks out an animal. Two boys fight over a cage.

Intertitle: Tokyo, Japan. Girls Doll Festival.
Three Japanese girls in traditional dress sit in front of a display box of dolls. Close up of doll's furniture - a carriage. Doll palace or castle. Girls can fully examine dolls and doll furniture. Three girls eat cakes (?).

Intertitle: Our hemisphere, new arrivals.
Rocky coast and sail boat. Shot of Cumberland Sounds (?) Part of Great North West Territory of Canada. Birds circle rock (Auks - similar to penguins but can fly) Seagulls. Small auks learning to fly. Cut to three leopard cubs snarling. They are in the Lincoln Park, 2nd in Chicago Illinois. Barred door of their cage wings closed. Full grown leopard enters enclosure and claws at the bars. Leopard grooms cubs. Cut to kitten (?) being bottle fed by woman. White fluffy kittens in pen. Siamese kittens. Persian cats - all in poses e.g. with teddy bears.
Intertitle: Melun, France. Cat up a tree. Very high tree shot from low angle. Black cat shaped blob can be seen in the top branches. Woman at nearby window points at the tree. Close up of cat. Close up of interested boxer dog. French man in a beret and smoking a cigarette climbs ladder up tree. Man in beret and smoking a cigarette waits on the ground and holds a red setter dog. Crowd look up at rescue. Man up tree grabs cat. cat struggles. Cat is thrown from tree into a makeshift safety net below. Cat scarpers. Black poodle watches. Man in beret lowers himself to the ground. Woman holds cat. Cat won't drink milk. Men in berets drink booze.

Intertitle: Stanford, Connecticut, Candy Stick School. Two children, boy and girl, walk down garden path. Their parents wave. Lots of children walking down steps towards school. Maypole in playground. Toddler holds goat. Children file to tables in canteen or hall. Children sit around a sign saying "Candy Stick School Surprise Party". Children wear party hats. teachers release balloons from ceiling. Children catch them. Children file out of hall.

Intertitle: Florence, Italy. Classroom artists.
Class of boys sit at desks. Teacher draws a human face on the blackboard. Girl stands in the centre of room as artist's model. Boy draws face with charcoal. Boys draw stuffed birds. Boy with easel draws skyline. Watercolour painting of Florence. Group of boys sit outside and sketch. Boys at beach sketch. Watercolour paintings. Boys' paintings in frames and on display. Girls look at paintings.

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