Film: 3881

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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The Albee family L.A. California.
Spring 1940 at Yukon trading post.
William Albee, his wife Ruth, Billy (8 years) and Jo-Evelyn (5 years) set out on a 300 mile trip from Watson lake to Francis Lake in the north.
Life in the wilderness. Making camp cutting spruce boughs to make a bed on which to erect their tent. Using a fallen tree for a bridge. Making a frame from a stick for a saw-blade, making and launching a raft to cross a river. Blue cranes fly overhead. Billy gets first aid for a cut finger. The children are fitted with life jackets.
Campfire, preparing and cooking a meal - a special bread from their store of flour. Gathering cranberries, red berries and blue berries from the woods, wild onions from the riverbank and mushrooms. A redtail hawk. Redwing blackbird which joins them on their journey.
Mainking new moccasins from hide.
Arrival at Francis lake.

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