Film: 3882

Shipping | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Marconi marine. History of radar. Messages sent via wireless. Early direction finder. Short wave radio transmitter. Marconi House, Liverpool. Repair shop. Early television cameras , Melton research lab of English Electric Company, Depth sounder.

Man behind desk explains that before Marconi, a ship was cut off from the rest of the world once it sailed over the horizon (til then they could communicate with flags). Marconi developed his radio system. Re-enactment of Marconi testing equipment. Ship fitted with Marconi system. In 1915 all ships over 3000 tonnes were required by law to carry a Marconi radio. Explanation and demonstration of early equipment, radio frequency and morse. First experimental model built by Marconi. Examples of ships and liners. Various types of cabins on board. First electrical transmitter. 1940 short wave was introduced. 1950 World wide communication. Examples of various transmitters and receivers. Maps of the world and Britain showing the Marconi radio stations. Liverpool, Marconi House. Vans fitted with radios can keep in touch with their business base. Radio engineers develop and improve radar. Television cameras. Experiments using crystals. Laboratories containing equipment using 3000 volts. Chelmsford factory making marine radio equipment. Echo equipment. Ships using depth finders and fish finders. Security at sea.

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