Film: 3886

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Hospital service in Bromley, Kent. Map shows extent of the Bromley Group of Hospitals - includes Farnborough hospital.
Man mows lawn. Beckenham hospital, nurse with infants on lawn, people in board meeting, women attend to dining-table. Shot of hospital prefabrications, including chimney stack. Sister and matron walk around ward, attending to patients. Iron lung machine. Man in bed selects book from library trolley. Nurse manipulates patient's leg in pulley, doctor inserts nasognastric tube, patient on exercise-bike, pharmacists at work, nurse pours medicine, gives drink to young male patient. Three nurses dress man's leg, X-ray apparatus, operating theatre lamp. Men weave baskets, man uses loom. People work in kitchen, baking bread etc. Shovelling coal into furnace, pile of coal in yard, chimney-stack. Loading laundry, folding sheets etc. Mother is given baby by nurse, holds it, baby put into cot, baby is dried, mother in labour is given gas, nurse feeds baby with syringe. Four kids eating at table, nurse feeds infant. Kids in classroom, kids play with blocks, rocking-horses etc. Woman pushed in wheelchair. Christmas party, tree, kids etc. Nurses pratice bandaging on model heads, nurses being taught to pour medicine (?).

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