Film: 3889

Road Transport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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A film made by the Road Hauliers to make the case for the non nationalisation of road haulage. Mixture of humourous satirical dramatised scenes and reality footage.

Lorries, road haulage. Butcher's shop. Civil servants with lots of filing and papers, joke about applying for a sparking plug, fill necessary forms etc. bureaucracy etc. Truck drivers and trucks down the road. Lots of people on the phone. Family at tea. Complaints about delivery of food in times of rationing. Anti nationalization of transport, innefficiency of red tape and civil servants. The importance of road transport (lorries) in maintaining food supply. Shots include, interior butcher shop, weighing of rationed meat, price 1'9. Schoolgirls on their way home for dinner. Interior government office, minister and secretary, papers piled high on desk. Inefficiency of government employees. Mothers and prams. Family at dinner table, eating only bread. "Should Road Transport Be Nationalised?", "End State Slavery". Lorries on the road. Houses of Parliament. Building site. Shipyards. Workers unloading carcasses at Smithfield Market. London buses Macintosh moving van, on small ferry. Man milking cow. Milk delivery cart. Milk processing, bottling. Horse and car, milkman. Stalls being set up at Covent Garden market. Transporting sheep and chickens.

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