Film: 3891

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Midwives and training in midwifery in the 1950's

Hospital corridor, nurses, mother with baby. Pupil midwives being taught in lecture-room. close ups of nurses looking somewhat over-attentive. Mix of black, oriental, white. Uniformed nurse plays organ. People praying in church, with close ups. One nurse observes as another takes a woman's blood pressure. Listens to womb. Rolls up shirt to feel pregnant belly. Midwife administers gas to patient. Shows patient how to operate mask. Mother and baby lie in bed. Masked nurses bathe baby, hand to mother. Breast feeding . Maternity ward, nurses sitting exam. Close up of midwife certificate. Close up of badge. Car drives along country lane. Country cottage. Nurse rings doorbell, man lets her in. Woman sewing. woman opens 'overnight case' to reveal clothes and babies booties. Bowl containing talc, vaseline etc. Husband passes cups of tea. Mothers and babies in waiting-room. Close up of weighing machine, scale. Midwife takes blood-pressure. Female scientist shakes test-tube with tongs. Woman removes shirt to reveal breasts. Nurse tweaks nipples. Woman lies in bed. Nurse consults with doctor. Doctor listens to pregnant wonan's uterus. Covers belly with talc, massages, relaxation classes. Midwife holds up baby clothes. Man enters red telephone-box, dials, midwife answers. shot of car along lane. Midwife puts mask on, puts instruments into tin. Enema equipment prepared. Pair of buttocks being washed with soap. Swabbing of genitals. Baby's head emerges. Baby follows. Baby cries, umbilical cord tied and cut. Baby wrapped. Afterbirth excluded. Baby weighed. Woman lies in bed, thermometer in mouth, Takes baby from nurse and smiles. Midwife opens boot of car, man puts bags in, waves as she drives off.

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