Film: 3892

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Drama based on Custer's last stand - Blanche Sweet in The Massacre.
A reproduction of actual events during the Governments war against North-west Indians.
Blanche - a young woman adopted by a retired army officer is seen paddling in a stream. Bullstrode declares his love for her but soon realises that Blanche does not care for him in that way. Blanche loves a young soldier Stephen Royston who arrives on horseback. He asks for consent to marry Blanche. Bullstrode agrees. Married, he leaves to join the army as a scout. Two years later he returns and they leave with a wagon train to go west.
An Indian camp is raided and slaughtered by the army and the chief swears vengeance when his wife and baby are killed.
Meanwhile the wagon train moves into the danger area but Blanche's husband Stephen is forced to return to military duties. As the wagon train moves. End of part One
Part Two. Coyote on a hill. A grizzly bear on the hill. Below is the wagon train. Indians disguised by a bear skin also watch the wagon train. The wagon train camps, a toast is being made to the one year old baby. Some men are gambling which distresses the priest. Meanwhile the camp lookouts are being attacked by Indians and shots are fired. The Indians move in and as the men on horseback are killed, the rest of the camp dismount and form a group with Blanche and her child in the middle.
The Stephen, still at military headquarters, learns of the danger to his wife and child from a scout and the army ride out.
The Indians circle the wagon train group and one by one they are killed. The army arrives lead by Stephen and all appear dead until they find and rescue Blanche and baby from under a pile of dead bodies.

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