Film: 3897

Media | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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St. Matthew's Church film show. Flustered projectionist (Graham Stark) and pious vicar (Frank Williams). Projection disaster, faulty screen, tangled spool. Baffled audience. The projectionist is called Matthew Sprocket. Part Two: The proper way to project a film.
Animated eyes appear on screen. Light switched on. Animated figure fiddles with projector. Shows Graham Stark and Frank Williams. Film, car arrives at church hall for film show. Vicar looks at watch. Projectionist is late. Mr. Sprocket runs through door. He is flushed. Projectionist puts projector on chair on top of table. He struggles to erect screen. He does not have a long enough cable so pulls chair to side nearer power point. The wire has no plug. Vicar cuts string around film box. Projectionist spools film onto floor. He reads instructions on how to operate film. He breaks film. He is introduced by vicar. Projectionist starts film with lights still on. The sound is terrible. Vicar talks flannel as projectionist struggles. Film leader counts down. The sound is still awful. Large bang. Lights come on and woman and projectionist are lying on the floor.
1) Attractive publicity.
2) Early preparation including adequate blackout.
3) Projectionist to make sure he has everything he needs. Spare everything, fuses.
4) Put screen where can be seen and sound going diagonally across hall.
5) Brush film parts, sound optics
6) Switch on projector and centre while light. Turn on amplifier. Move lens brush in front of exciter lamp. Lace up film. Follow instructions.
7) Clean and to the print introduction.
8) Correct starting procedure. Focus.
Resume of these points.
9) Relax and watch film.
The joke is 10 the right film at the right time. Projectionist shows Naturalist or Nudist Camp film to Church congregation vicar covers his eyes.

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