Film: 3899

Education | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Road safety.
A teacher is taking her class out of school. The project is a mystery and they are given a set route not knowing it is a road safety lesson. The class is waiting in the playground playing football. They leave through the school gates but there is a white van parked and it is not safe to cross the road. They walk up the road facing oncoming traffic and find a safe place to cross to the other side. A boy kicks a football across the road and runs to retrieve it. He is nearly knocked down by a cyclist and is told by his teacher to keep well back from the road.
The class catch a red bus from the bus stop. A passenger gets on at the next stop. They get off the bus and walk around the corner using the pavement. They find a safe place to cross but one girl forgets her bag and runs back in front of a car. They are told to always 'look and listen'.
The class pass the Town Hall and Post Office and cross over to the Church. A boy drops a paper and runs into the road to catch it being narrowly missed by a motor-cyclist. They cross again using the green cross code. Finally they arrive and run into the park.

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