Film: 3900

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Safe driving public information film showing how to drive safely and avoid accidents when driving.
Children on dodgems at a funfair, Reg "I'ate you Butler" Varney is at the wheel ! But will there be any buses ? Reg wears a dark brown suit with cream roll neck pulley underneath and matching cream hanky in the breast pocket of the suit. Reg stands in suburban street with brand new red soft top sports car, he dusts it down with his hanky, a milkman walks past into the house that the car is parked in front of, the milkman looks suspiciously like Victor Spinetti. Reg gets in the car and pulls straight out without looking, a green car speeds past and has to swerve to miss Varney, almost knocking down the milkman in the process, who is carrying some milk bottles, and yes, you guessed it, in his effort not to be run down, the milkman gets the milk all over himself and much of the road as well.

A man trying to get a plant out of the back seat of his parked car reaches to shut the front passenger seat door, but it has gone, as Varney has driven too close to the parked vehicle and knocked the door off its hinges, the man reaches into thin air to try and close the door. Two matronly housewives talk on the pavement of the high street, and when Reg drives past one of the women realises that some of her French stick is missing, another victim of Varney's reckless driving, the next shot sees Reg tucking into the bread.

Reg takes the corner of one suburban road rather too liberally, almost swings into an oncoming car coming around the same corner, which then knocks a man pruning his privet hedge into the passenger seat of the car and away into the near distance. When Reg's bad driving forces a man in a car to break suddenly, the woman in the car goes head first into her ice cream cone to the man's delight, she hits him on the head with her handbag. Reg blocks a car in when he parks too close to it and it turns out to belong to a bank robber, who cannot get the car out, a policeman appears and a Benny Hill style chase ensues, Reg appears from the shop he has gone into and can't make out what all the fuss is about, little knowing that he has caused it all, he eats some kind of fruit, possibly an apple or peach, looking very dapper and smart with slicked back hair, probably with Brylcreem. This must have been around the time that he was making "On the Buses", as he looks very simliar to the way that he used to look at that time.

Reg pulls up behind a removal van and the men in the usual brown 'delivery van man' coats put the back of the van down on to Reg's car and bring out a rolled carpet onto it, knocking Varney about the head as they do so. We next see our hero being towed by a van, with the front of his car somewhat smashed up. The narrator sums it all up: "of course the real problem is that our hero is an idiot!"

Reg parks his car in his garage and calls for a taxi, he gets in and drives off, Reg addresses the camera and tells of how to drive carefully, he goes through the different scenarios he has just demonstrated with a driving instructor and shows how a safe driver would deal with the situation.

A good film, definitely worth a watch !

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