Film: 3901

Road Transport | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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A road safety film focusing on the dangers of rear end collisions. Includes examples of speed crash tests and advice on driving skills to avoid rear enders.

Traffic on street. Close up on black Dodge saloon motor car, skeleton in hat driving. Inside car close up on skeleton. Bony hand steering. View of skeleton through windshield. Skeletal diver passes out of shot. Shooting brake passes camera. Woman driver searching for an address she has on a note. View through windshield of distant car. Woman checks address again. View ahead, nearly hitting stationary car, braking. Man looking in rear view mirror looks startled at her approach. View from her car as she hits his Ford Mustang from behind. His car rolls forward. Man's head ricochets off seat. Doctor examines a man's neck, moving head around. Skeletons head and neck. Pan up whole skeletal spine. Man sits in chair, doctor moves head back showing how crash effects it. Skeletal neck shows which vertebrae are effected. X-ray of neck bent. Doctor performs same exercise with higher seat back. Skeletal neck shows vertebrae. Doctor bends mans neck showing fulcrum effect of chair back. X-ray of neck with taller seat. Doctor manipulates mans head to show bending. Doctor points out possible damage on skeleton model. Doctor writes up notes as man dresses. Woman puts on seat belts. Skeletal neck is hit by hand. Sign reading "UCLA/ITTE Rear-End Experiment 10mph". Car with dummies prepared for crash. Man checks cameras. Various views of dummies being prepared. Different seat heights. Two cars crash from side. Same from front. Man does chin lift. Several shots from different views of dummies rocking in crash. 1950s style American car drives along country road. Male driver yawns. View ahead through windshield. Close up of a flat tyre, car stops. Woman gets out, looks up and down empty road, gets backs in car. Car drives off slowly on the flat. Tired driver. 35mph sign seen through windshield. Man looks startled. Shot in rear view of woman's car as he hits her. She is rocked in her seat, car knocked forward. Front of his car damaged. Mans head is cut. Rear of her car damaged. Woman feels sore neck.
Red Sunbeam Alpine sports car driving on the freeway. It tries to overtake a truck. (6.07) Truck driver sees slow vehicle in front. Truckers foot on brake. Sports car approaches truck fast. Drivers foot moves to brake. Rear of truck looms up until goes black. View from rear seat of car as couple argue in the front. He looks at her exasperated. His foot on the gas. Woman crosses the road with young children, her hand raised. View of kids crossing thru windshield. Man talking to woman then looks forward and is startled. Foot stamps on brake. Car skids to a halt on crossing. Woman turns and shakes her head. Couple in car arguing, he looks apologetically at woman on crossing, car dives on. UCLA/ITTE sign with 30mph note. Several shots of technicians working on car. Plane on aircraft carrier. Pilot ready to go. Launch of aircraft by catapult. Dummy being prepared. View of collision. Several shots of same crash showing dummy movements, different angles. A different 30mph crash. Views of effects on dummies. UCLA/ITTE sign with 55 mph note. Technicians prepare cars. View of run up road. Crash. Dummies left disarranged, view of rocket lift off superimposed. Aerial view of crash site. Damage to rear of first car. Damage to front of striking car. Red liquid representing gasoline shown spreading. Crashed car. Spilt 'gasoline' or petrol. Several views of effects on dummies of crash. Shots of the crashed cars from various angles. View of moment of impact from the side. Views of effect on dummies. Same impact from front. Same impact from above. Dummies rocking. Close up of high backed seat. Several views of rear seated dummies in crash. Line of crashed cars. Traffic shots. Rear view of traffic, including Mercury Cougar. Woman checking her mirrors. Cars breaking. Woman's foot pumps brake pedal. Brake light flashes red. Traffic shots. Couple arguing in car/ Man trying to over take truck. (12.07) Man yawning. Woman checking address. UCLA/ITTE sign with 55mph note. Cars being prepared, focus on fire tenders in background. Technicians make dummies look like real people. Crash. View from pinhole camera inside a vehicle. Moment of impact from the side. View from roof of a car as gasoline catches fire and engulfs cars. Line of burning gasoline showing where fuel spread. Fire tenders arrives. Fireman tackles flames. Dummies seen through burnt shattered windshield. Burnt and melted dummies. Female dummy with fake blood on face. Woman checking mirrors. Traffic front. Traffic in rear. Female foot pumps brake pedal. Brake light flashing. Line of traffic braking. Several pinhole cameras of dummies bouncing in crash tests. View of wet road through windshield with wiper going. Shots of cars stopping on wet roads. Mechanic tests brakes while man watches him. Technician working on dummies superimposed with "Comply with Federal standards". Technician works on test car superimposed with "at least 28" high". View of dummies in car superimposed with "static loads not less then 200 pounds". Crash test car, focusing slowly on dummies. Skeleton driving in hat and coat. Cars colliding in test then bursting into flames, fire fills shot. Skeleton driving superimposed over flames. Burning gasoline.

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