Film: 3902

Road Transport | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Learning to ride a motorcycle.

A man sits on a motorcycle on a training road listens to a man with a clipboard. He wears a helmet and a fluorescent strip across his front and the motorbike has an L plate on the front. Close-up of the diagram on the clipboard. Title - "A Good Start" appears. Close-up of keys in the ignition and a foot on the pedal. A group of motorcyclists ready to race. Motorcycles around a race track at high speed. Adverts for Shell Oil, Daily Express and Gastrol GTX around the side.
Three young boys on small motorbikes ride around cones on the grass in an open field. A man with a moustache and sunglasses instructs one of the boys.
A motorcycle display team. Young group of boys in smart red outfits and white helmets stand to attention. They jump on the bikes and drive away one by one. They perform various tricks for the watching crowd like riding up ramps, jumping over cars.
Trainee motorcyclists ride around a school playground. An instructor in a pink shirt gives them training and advice. A boy's bike judders and the instructor points out where he is going wrong with the clutch. Boy rides in and out of traffic cones to practice manoeuvring at slow speed
Police on police motorcyles doing the same exercise.
A motorcyclist driving on a motorway, he is part of an emergency medical delivery service. He has a bright yellow jacket and white helmet and the visor on the front of his bike reads "blood". He pulls up outside a hospital and carries the blood inside.
Back of a man putting on a green jacket which reads "Lincoln Motorcycle Training Scheme - Instructor". Group of people and motorcycles on a training ground. Instructors talk to separate groups and voice overs of people taking the course speak. A bike maintenance lesson inside, man showing people various bike parts and what can go wrong with them. Outside an instructor inspects a training bike.
Learners with floursecent strips or "dayglo bands" around their waists and helmets. Instructor talks to them about the right clothing. Close-up of the hands on the handlebars as they drive off.
Police motorcyclists out on the road ride behind one another. They stop at the roadside and the instructor talks to them. Close-up of a man with a moustache listening.
Instructors talks to learners at the side of the road. They drive out on the road together through residential streets. Point of view of a bike filming the riders in front. Instructors watch at the roadside as the learners practice turning at a crossroads by Lincoln Cathedral.
Boy takes part one of his test, driving around cones while an instructor watches.
The motorcycle display team in a pyramid formation. One rider rides through fire.
A motorcylist out on the road with his provisional licence driving through town. Close-up of his face as he stops and looks both ways at a turning. He rides down a country road.


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