Film: 3903

Road Transport | 1980 | Sound | Colour


A film promoting the advanced motorcyling training scheme. Lots of demonstrations of motorbike riding in various situations and conditions.

Shot of a blue book on a red background: "Motorcycle Road Craft. The Police Rider's Manual". It has a picture of a white open faced policeman's helmet on the front which dissolves into a shot of a policeman wearing it. He looks over his shoulder (Performing a "life saver" observation) before moving off. He is followed by other police motorcyclists - four in total. They all ride white BMW bikes with police markings and hard panniers. They wear yellow high visibility vests. They approach a T-junction, and each looks both ways before turning right. They follow each other around on various types of road - winding rural, towns with traffic lights and faster "A" roads. They constantly make the proper observations - life savers before they manouevre and looking both ways for oncoming vehicles at junctions. Shot of certificates and badges for the National Star Rider Scheme. The narrator informs us that police type training is now availible, and mentions the structure of the scheme - in bronze, silver and gold stages.

Two riders pull upon their bikes outside a building where other bikes are parked. Inside they attend a theoretical classroom lecture. They sit about behind tables in various coloured leathers and jackets, some with crash helmets on the desks in front of them. Close ups of various intently listening students (including a couple of girls). Shots of various diagrams explaining proper observations for various manouevres that the instructor has on his board at the front of the classroom. The instructor turns on a 16mm projector to show a demonstration. A motorbike rider shows a perfect right hand turn with proper observations and hand signals. Nice side on shot of the rider on his red Honda motorcycle (with fairings) as the manouevre is repeated.

Four trainees ride out as a group with one instructor. They ride in various weather conditions and on different types of road. The group stop at the roadside for discussion and advice. Footage of various types of road and junction, including crossroads and a roundabout. The bikers pass different types of housing including estates. The correct way to approah and exit a roundabout is demonstrated and shown on a diagram.
A motorcyclist travels on a country "A" road, constantly checking over his shoulder before turning into bends. He drives through a town and avoids the hazards of other road users. Correct road positioning for best visibility is demonstrated and discussed. The trainees continue their group ride (accompanied by groovy electric guitar soundtrack).
In an empty car park the instructor demonstrates breaking at 30mph (emergency stops). An assistant places cones to mark stopping distance with the application of rear brake only, front brake only and both brakes together. The stopping distance gets smaller.

Shots of various road conditions - with pot holes, gravel, mud, cobbles - bikers must also be aware of these!
The instructor demonstrates proper overtaking past a green transit van on a straight section of road. The same green transit van is repeatedly overtaken - sometimes correctly, sometimes incorrectly. The group ride on - shot of them taken from the front. An individual practises what he has been taught as he rides around making correct observations and hand signals and holding the correct position in the road. An examiner conducts a practical road test. The pair of bikes move off and ride on country lanes and through built up areas. Back in the classroom the instructor awards the student his gold certificate. Various shots of the motorcyclist riding safely and carefully. A police motorcyclist rides through Stourbridge. Shot of a metal Advanced Rider Gold Award Badge.

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