Film: 3906

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Driving public information for trendy teenagers or youths. Good point of view shots and contemporary hairstyles.
Teenage boys wear football kit and practice football skills in a gymnasium. Teenage girls rehearse a modern style dance in a dance studio. Boys do sit ups. Profile of girl with false eyelashes driving a car. Boy riding motorbike approaches T-junction and turns right. Point of view on motorbike showing handlebars as bike weaves through London traffic along the Strand to rear of Bush House. Shot from side of road of motorcyclist riding along. He travels round urban roundabout and indicates left by sticking his arm out. Travelling round Waterloo area. Crossing Waterloo bridge over the river Thames shot from car in front looking back and alongside. A biker on what is almost a chopper bike comes alongside before accelerating past. Single decker bus passes our travelling camera position.
Vox pops with young men about driving, bikes and safety. One has very short hair another has a hippy haircut and talks about society and 'freedom'. Black and white stills of road crashes. Young woman says road safety is a 'drag'. Motorcycle rides past shops at Primrose Hill. Football match at possibly Stamford bridge involving Chelsea. Shocking stills of dead and injured people in crashes. Stills of surgery taking place on car and road crash victims. A one-legged young man walks away on crutches. Vox pop of young man talking in front of a film poster of John Wayne. Wayne appears to be pointing a gun at the young man's head. He talks about how cool motorbikes are. A comic cartoon style drawing of a man on a motorcycle. Night meeting at a speedway track. The chequered flag. Young black man talks about how smooth running cars are. Short haired youth from earlier talks about how cars attract 'birds' with cutaways to a fancy woman getting into a Lotus sports car and being driven off by a man past a castle. Another hairy youth vox pop. Youth on motorcycle rides by the Roundhouse at Chalk Farm, Camden. Rear point of view of him riding along Aldwych. Young man riding motorbike in countryside, good close up of his head as he rides with sunbursts.
Start of a stock car race at an evening meeting. Slower car initially drives in front of stock cars before it moves off the track. Point of view from racing stock car. Shunts and crashes.
Point of view from girl's car as she enters road tunnel under Hyde Park corner from Piccadilly end. External view seeing her white J-reg Hillman Imp entering and leaving the underpass. In the tunnel. Going round Hyde Park Corner roundabout. A test crash into a concrete wall. Crash test dummy in crash. Graves and crashes quickly cut together. Vox pop square looking man blames pedestrians for crashes. One staged vox pop whereby man says he thinks all drivers involved in crashes are partly to blame , that here is always 'some degree of contributory negligence'. The young woman standing by his side says 'degree of what?' Demonstration of bad driving with car pulling out in front of other car which is attempting to overtake it, filmed on dual carriageway looking back form moving vehicle.. Two footballers chasing ball collide with goalkeeper - a crash! Playing motorcycle football. Player has quite a bad crash and falls off. Rear point of view of cars on London motorway, possibly M40, woman in Hillman Imp again following. Cuts between her driving and performing modern dance. More Vox pops. Man wearing a horrible mask (a Jekyll and Hyde driver) driving his car - good shot. Hillman Imp in rain with windscreen wipers working. Montage with speedway shots. Motorcyclist motioning to traffic behind him that he is slowing down at a zebra crossing. People walk across zebra crossing. Traffic passing Marble Arch filmed from a crane, a 360 degree pan.

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