Film: 3907

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A film about cycling safety, focusing on what young cyclists need to concentrate on, when cycling on roads.
Opens with cyclists in a playground doing their cycling proficiency. A montage shot of young boys and girls riding their bikes. A girl rides a chopper, through woodland wearing a huge collar and knitted patterned tanktop. Children line up in a playground with their bikes,an adult (instructor) stands in front of them and addresses them, the man asks one lad to come forward and bring his bike, the man checks his bike chain and finds that it is rather slack, as the man informs the boy of the possible dangers of not having the chin adjusted correctly, there is a purple van that hurtles along a main road toward the camera, which is in the midlle of the road, it screeches to halt directly in front of the camera.

A girl rides her bike in a rather wobbly way between two white paralell lines, back in the playground, the instructor asks the rest of the children what the girl did wrong. A boy rides his bike in and out of some smal hoops on the ground, he receives instruction from the man in the playground. A clip of a girl being instructed on her bike in the playground, is montaged with another scene of a high street with a busy road and cars, the scene intends to show what the child should do, were she actually on the road herself. Another girl steps up to the plate, but gives a weak hand signal, and is chided by the instructor, he shows her the correct way to give a hand signal. On the high street, a red bus, with poster advertising Steve McQueen in "Papillon" - this film must be circa 1973. An example of how a feeble hand gesture to indicate turning can lead to an accident, then the boy demonstrates how to do it correctly.

Next, a segment on road signals. Two girls are shown turning right out of a main road, one does it the wrong way, the other the right way. Emphasis by the narrator on knowing you highway code, then you will be ready to pass your test. Screen splits into four, the children are seen taking their cycling proficiency tests. The children stand in the playground whilst their teacher hands out the certificates, the film ends.

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