Film: 3908

Road Transport | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Road Safety film

Drivers practising for a big race. Racing cars drive around a race track at high speed. Pit stop to have parts changed. Advertising boards for BP and Shell Oil. Aerial view of the cars going around the track.
Busy London road, lots of cars and buses on the road. Inside of a car with a man at the wheel and his wife in the passenger seat who wears a bright pink outfit. A car passes a sign which reads "Police, Accident". Red Triumph Herald car drives down a quiet side road flanked by bushes. Close-up of man's hands on the wheel in the "ten to two" and the "quarter to three" position. He is a stern looking man.
A man drives past with his arm leaning on the door then reaching up to the roof. The correct way to take a corner. Close-up of hand on gear stick. A long lorry moves slowly up a steep hill with a queue of traffic behind it. Car stops at a Give Way sign. A man pours water into a glass on top of the bonnet of his car. He drives along slowly changing gears without spilling any water. He gets out and tips the water on to the ground. A car slams to a halt and makes a long tyre mark on the road. A car skids with the wheels locked. Two passengers in the back seats lurch forward. Demonstration of stopping distances at 30 and 60 miles per hour. A man in a blue Morris Minor reverses badly on a country road. Close-up of the pedals.
White Triumph Herald tries to park in a space, girl in a red Triumph Herald reverses in successfully then reverse parks her father's Rover. Her father stands on the side of the road smoking a pipe looking impressed. Car stops at a zebra crossing to allow people to cross the road. Car passes several road signs and comes to traffic lights.
Driver's view out of the windscreen, acronym appears on the screen CMSBGA - "Can My Safety Be Given Away?" which is a way of remembering "Course, Mirror, Signal, Brake, Gear, Accelerator"
George Isles of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is the man in the car. He gives a commentary of what he sees as he drives, a way of concentrating on the road. He drives through London passing shops and a Barclays Bank.
A lollipop lady steps into the road and sees parents and children across the road. Road sign for "School". He passes two cyclists on the road, people waiting at a bus stop, a girl with a dog on a leash.
Two cars turn at a crossroads. Close-up of a "Reduce Speed Now" sign just before a roundabout. Car crosses the roundabout making use of his mirrors and signalling when turning off. Taking advantage of an open wire fence where you can see what is coming up around the corner. Road sign of right hand turn. He overtakes a lorry. Close-up of a sign for the M4 motorway. Driving on the motorway. Cars appearing in wing mirrors. Close-up of speedometer going from sixty miles an hour to seventy. Driver point of view as he moves lanes. He exits the motorway and we see the speedometer drop to forty miles an hour.


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