Film: 3909

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A film about the care of pensioners and the elderly on the roads, and what precautions they need to take in order to stay safe and avoid accidents. London Borough of Camden, road safety. "Life is worth living" caption in black letters on a white background, on half a screen, with the picture of an elderly semi-toothless woman on the other side with a big grin on her face. Titles appear with different pictures of elderly men and women smiling.

Open on busy congested road with traffic moving toward camera, vans and cars both fill the street. "In London there are over 14 million vehicles using the road" "Pedestrians over 60 years of age are amongst the most vulnerable of all road users". Shot of cars going over a sleeping policeman, including a Morris Traveller and an ambulance.

An elderly woman is shown crossing a road at a pedestrian crossing and the car screeches to a halt almost hitting her, the old man in the car and the woman crossing have a slanging match. An old gent in tan raincoat and walking with a stick tries to run and jump on the back of a moving red bus and falls into the gutter, a man rushes from a shop to help him. An old boy with walking stick, pointed beard and bandy legs, much like Charlie Chaplin's 'Little Tramp' character, crosses a busy road very gingerly, but makes it to the other side.

Another old gentleman crosses a street in a town centre, and although the main road of traffic is stopped at a red light, there is a filter arrow for cars wishing to turn left, and the oncoming cars almost knock him down, Hughie warns us to watch out for the filter arrows at traffic lights when crossing. Some old people are shown sitting in a hall, having a sing song, they are accompanied by a tinkling piano, at the front of the hall, some of them are hand in hand having a knees -up, then some prance down the middle aisle in a conga formation.

Some old folks are shown climbing aboard a coach for an outing, they are led in a sing-song by a woman at the front of the coach. There are individual close ups of some of the passengers on the coach. Some are shown enjoying a drink at their local, the men are in cloth caps. One lady is seen using oil paints, holding her brushes with one hand and squeezing the paint out with the other, she is on her balcony and is painting the large houses opposite, we are then shown the finished work. Some scenes of the elderly resting with their feet up in a park, with attractive rosebeds in view.

Some elderly people at the seaside, sitting on deckchairs, looking through telescopes, eating ice-creams, a young blond girl is sunbathing, laying on her front, a man with rolled up trousers on the beach doing the football pools, an old woman in a wheelchair is wheeled along what looks like Brighton seafront.

An old man in hat phones his daughter from a red phone box, he is called by his son, in brown suit and tie, the old man rushes across the pedestrian crossing and a white car speeding along the road does not stop and comes straight toward camera. Hughie tells us the man was killed instantly.

Elderly Mr. And Mrs. Brownlow leave their home with well trimmed privet hedge out front, walk down the suburban street lined with houses, they kiss and Mrs Brownlow steps straight into the street, a van comes straight at her and she looks into the camera as it zooms up on her very quickly to simulate the impact of the van "Mrs Brownlow was crippled for life"

Mrs Williams steps out of her townhouse, and out into the path of an oncoming van and her hand and hat are seen on the road below the cabin of the driver, he looks down aghast.

A group of around 15-20 old people stand waving at the camera, in front of a house with black railings outside, they suddenly disappear, and Hughie explains that this many elderly people are killed on the road each week. An old woman in an overcoat is shown crossing the road correctly, stopping at the kerb, looking both ways and then crossing safely to the other side.

An almost toothless old woman is shown in a still, wearing a flowered tabard, on the top half of the frame, with the caption "The End" on the bottom half, in black letters on a white background.

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