Film: 391

War + Military | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Amateur short story film about fire watchers during World War two 1940's

A drunken party during World War Two. Mainly eating and drinking Scotch whiskey. A mantelpiece with a clock and two photos of a young boy, presumably Mr. Anderson. The film is interspersed with explanatory captions some in verse. A table is laid places are set and food and drink is displayed. There is a dish of roast meat and roast potato. There is a bottle of whisky. A nicely dressed dining table with flowers and cutlery set out. Also a packet of cigarettes. Views of the food. One man carves the roast. White horse whisky bottle. 5 men sit around two sides of a table. One is smoking but all are drinking. They smile and drink. They feign drunkeness. They face the camera. One man plays the accordian. They get semi-undressed and retire to their bunks. The camera moves round and round to feign drunkeness. End.

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