Film: 3918

Education | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Teaching 1960's

Snippet of "Getting Better" by The Beatles. Young people dancing.
Title card " Experiments in teaching"

Interviews with ¬15 young people about whether what's learned in school benefits them in the real world. Consensus seems to be that what you learn in the classroom isn't useful until it's applied in a first hand experience.

Professor wearing black gown/robe, at blackboard in classroom. Shots of young male students. In a different class, young students are being taught to use French in everyday situations, such as going to the store or playing cards.

Animation(?) of string to illustrate how math can be explained simply. Rotating images of sculptures meant to illustrate angles and curves.

Man wrapping device around another's arm, to demonstrate how their movements can work an artificial hand. Man walking in a lab with artificial (mechanical) left leg, followed by doctor/lab techician in white coat. Four young people are conducting science experiments and discovering by trial and error. Voiceover explaining project work approach.

Sevenoaks School Technical Activities Centre in Kent. Students inventing and testing, comparing to real life ships, tanks, and trains. Fortran coding sheet. Student inputting code. Description of co-op education, interior of a room inside the Marley company. Student working with staff at the company, while another staff member runs coding tape(?) Shots of machines working. Two students walking to school with voiceover of technical school and what they offer. Students of various ages, sometimes with instructors, sometimes not, at different machines. One testing how much strain you can put on a wooden joint before it breaks. Graphing on Tensometer graph paper. Under supervision, two students melting metal to pour into mould. They later break the mold to reveal they've made cast iron(?) bases for parts of machines. Footage of it in action.

Students experimenting with "calculated bursting pressure" and "experiemental bursting pressure". Looking at cross section diagrams of machine parts.

Driver's view from small motorized car going around tennis nets in school's tennis court. Closeup of parts of the car. Student using tuning fork to measure soundwaves. Various testing. "Player Secondary School. Transistor Binary 'Adder' arranged as an electronic timer. Check your reaction time and stopping distance"

Two academics, one in black robe, one in white lab coat, walk down hall talking. They pass by display cabinets of student artwork - metalwork, pottery, abstract sculptures, drawings.
Two students investigating electronic device that "plays" tic-tac-toe. Harmanograph in action. Investigating whorls and fingerprints from Leicester city police reports.
Students creating plastic formings using machine that school created themselves.

Shot of "Dauntseys School" sign. Teacher talking about teaching engineering at the school. Students in a classroom. Hydraulic device being tested on a small pond at school. Shot of hydraulic idea applied in real life. Student using a different machine.

More students testing rockets on a much smaller scale in schoolyard. Footage of real rockets being launched.
Student wanted to experiment with water pressure and created his own. In real life application this was a pressure actuated water switch.
Tests on student-built air track.

Students walk into school, "Danum grammar school for boys" exterior sgn
Montage of students conducting experiments. Use of a "decade scaler".

Same Beatles song playing over end credits
Repeat of opening shot with young people dancing.

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