Film: 392

Natural History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


How animals were captured for zoos 1960's

Two rhinoceroses walk across Central African grass land. Female lion and cut in long shot. Safari vehicle drives up to camera. Cut to pool where birds - egrets?- wade. Hippopotamuses also in pond - birds sit on them. Zebra drink from water hole. Elephants bathing. Flock of birds in pool. Hippo runs (quite gracefully) through lake. Crocodile sits with its huge mouth open. "Two aroused hippos" have a fight over a "lady love". Small chimpanzee walks in long grass. Safari vehicle nearby. Man fills up jeep from a petrol can. White hunter calls to chimp. Man holds chimp. Chimp hugs safari man while he drives off.

Hyena drags the carcass of an animal. Vultures wait nearby. Hyena chases away jackal. Vulture in the air. Vultures fight over food. White hunter with rifle on his back finds two healthy leopard cubs under a tree. He kidnaps them to be taken to a zoo. Hunter at picnic table in wooden hut feeds the cubs from a bottle. Close up on cubs wrestling.

Male lion stalks prey. Herd of buffalo (?) run away behind him. Female lion guards cub. Lion chases buffalo. Gnu and gazelle also run. Lion family eat zebra. Small jackal caught by huge marshall eagle. Guinea fowl feed in long grass. Hawk kills guinea fowl. Close up on hawk. Men sit on vans and look at animals through binoculars. Hunters set off in van. They chase a secretary bird (vane long-legged hawk). Hunters chase bird until it collapses of exhaustion and then captures it to be taken to a zoo.

Men in van chase two zebras. They throw a nosed pole around zebra's neck. Two African men restrain animal. White hunter sits with Bantu tribesmen. According to voice-over, a lion is killing their cattle so the hunters - two African, one white - set out to kill. Big Game Hunting. Lion crouched in grass. White hunter fires rifle. Lion runs away. African men (Bantu?) fight to climb a nearby tree (staged!) Lion runs at hunter. He fires. Third shot hits lion. White man stands over lion's body. Crowd of tribesmen stand around. Man loads van with crates of animals, all bound for zoos. (small birds, parakeet types, leopard cubs - now large, they wrestle with hunter, Trudy the Chimp). Silhouette of van disappearing into distance.

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