Film: 3920

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Ophthalmologist's surgery. Examination, pupils, convergence, light shone into eyes, pupils react, intra-ocular tension test, 'slip-lamp' (binocular microscope), ophthalmoscope, acuity (letter chart) test, refraction tested with interchangeable lens glasses. Animated explanation of focussing, presbyopia, myopia. Back to surgery. Long-short eyeballs hypermotropia, eye fatigue, astigmatism. Surgery, different lenses being tried out, retinoscope, squints explanation of eye musculature, shots of paralysed eyes, double-vision, man wearing glasses with one eye covered, child with 'lazy eye', orthoptic exercise slides, animation and real coverage of resection operation. Nystagmus albinism.

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