Film: 3921

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Ophthalmology. Exopthalmos, skull-orbital region described, man with bulging eyes (thyrotoxicosis). Animation of 'waterlogging' in orbital cortex, description of corrective operation. Orbital cellulitus, old man with very disfiguring eye condition, oedema, animation of orbital tumours. Measurement of exopthalmos, child with atosis (drooping lids), also old woman, operation to cure (animation), inturned lashes. Anomalies of lacrimal apparatus, swelling of lacrimal sac, persistent watering, syringing operation, probe into duct, swelling of lacrimal gland. Infections of lid margin, description of lid, sties, internal sty formation, retention cysts, operation to remove, dermatitis of eyelids. Conjuctiva and cornea, congunctivitis, irrigation, treatments, sub-conjuctival haemorrhage, foreign bodies, inversion of lid, corneal ulceration, corneal grafts.

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