Film: 3922

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Dissections, to illustrate retina choroid etc., iris, lens, iritis, animation of condition, dilation of pupil with atropine, keratic precipitates, causes of iritis, use of corticosteroids. Acute glaucoma, footage of condition, man at dinner table 'rings' of light around candle-flames, treatment. Eye heated with wooden spoon wrapped in warm bandages, operation. Chronic simple glaucoma, ophthalmologist examines patient, tonometer reading ophthalmoscope, museum specimen of optic head removal, surgeon uses apparatus to record field loss, explanation of progressive loss, operation to form aqueous drainage passage, old woman with opacity, white pupils (cataracts), operation to remove lens, woman wearing thick specks / glasses, fundus conditions, albino boy, athero-sclerosis, cardio-renal disease, vitreal haemorrhage, central artery, occlusion, central vein thrombosis, scarring from chroiditis, fundus tumours, illustrated with dissections, removal of eye, girl removes glass eye.

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