Film: 3923

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | B/W


First Aid

Shot through driver's windscreen, Scottish ambulance pulls up outside hospital. Stretcher with patient removed. Wheeled into hospital. Classroom, pupils with Bunsen burners, boiling water, sawing wood. Woman in street has nosebleed, Voice over describes treatment. Two men attend to collapsed boy. Another boy lies on living room floor near frayed electric cable. First aid box, contents explained. Dressing applied to hand wound. Sling constructed on man. School woodwork class, two boys chat, one saws wood, cuts hand, teacher dresses wound, science class, boy spills water on hand, faints. Teacher to the rescue, dresses scald. Boy recovers. Young boy lies on pavement, two men rush over, bandage his leg using scarves. Man shows mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on rubber doll. Back to electrocuted boy, father gives mouth-to-mouth. Girl has finger dressed by nurse. Hospital ward. Theatre spotlight. Oxygen bag. Instruments.

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