Film: 3925

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


First aid and how to do it.
Man rides his motorbike fast on country road. Road sign of double bend and bridge. Noise only of a crash. Bloody man on the road. Older man thinks what shall I do? Telephone. Ambulance. Ambulance men seem to be dressed as sailors (?) They shake their head and cover the man's face because he is dead. Reg Barnes did not know what to do to save him. Dead woman floats head down in a pond. Dead man under wheels of a lorry. Ambulance rushes through the streets. Cartoon of a man. Four things kill people. Asphyxia, bleeding, shock, heart stopped. Cartoon of headstones. Dead soldiers in a trench. Car crash into wall. Woman runs to car. Woman cries for help. The sea. Man jumps in and rescues her and gives her the kiss of life. Gas fire accidents. Man slumped in chair. Close up of gas fire. Woman slumped in chair with half bottle of pills, suicide, car exhaust fumes. Man and woman in the country. Car crash. Pressing a pad to the wound. Accidents at home with a lathe. Man is shot by his gun. School girl helps. Woman reads on the beach. Man climbs the cliff. People attend man in shock. Keep him calm. Man collapsed in street. Man looks at electric equipment. Electric shock treatment. Kiss of life, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Re-starting a heart. Heart massage. Two sailors drink together. First aid class.

1ft Speeding motor bike
10ft crashes; man runs to help
34ft Panics as he doesn't know what to do; runs to telephone
38ft Naval ambulance crew attends
52ft Motor cyclist dies.
86ft "20,000 accident victims die unnecessarily each year."
110ft Cartoon boy and girl 'Joe' and 'Josie' to demonstrate
140ft four main killers: asphyxia, bleeding, shock and heart
236ft Asphyxia: swimmer in sea drowning; man swims to rescue
254ft Gives 'kiss of life'.
287ft Breathing stopped by gas leak, drug over dosage and car exhaust fumes
232ft Bleeding: Airman with girl witness car crash and stem blood
370ft Other cases: man hurt by mechanical saw and
392ft farmer shot
420ft Shock: Cliff climber slips
489ft man collapses in street
508ft Heart stoppage: Electrician suffers electric shock
578ft Summary
625ft First aid class.

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