Film: 3926

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


A history of the printed word and paper making

A historical reconstruction of a medieval messenger in a village square. A woman opens a window. Two actors on a stage. One of them, a man, flicks through a little book, which he holds in his hands. A tutor reading a book to two girls sitting in two armchairs. A man standing up, holding a book. Schoolboys reading Shakespeare in a classroom. The teacher sitting at his desk. A marble bust of Shakespeare and some books. A marble bust of Milton (John). Two books. A close-up of a tulip. Historical reconstruction of workmen preparing paper. A man in his cell with some papers in his hand. A close-up of the sheaf of papers. Workmen working at a printing press [historical reconstruction]. [A historical reconstruction]. A man, standing on a podium, makes a speech. A man collecting rags (which were used to make paper). A historical reconstruction of showing the functions of the first machine used to make paper. A man at work behind his desk. Felling trees. Timbers are thrown down a hill towards a river. A historical reconstruction of workmen at work in a typography. A crowd gathered in front of a hotel. People dancing. People walking on a road, in the background few modern buildings and cranes. People buying newspaper at a newsagent. Ships in a harbour. Timbers are loaded and unloaded from the ships. The timbers are transported by a kind of cable-way, then dropped on a huge pile of timbers. Workmen pulling timbers with hooks. A close-up of some timber pulp. People writing and using paper. A modern paper factory. A close-up of some of the stages of the production. A hand pushes a button. Workmen rushing towards a machine. Sheets of paper falling down. The machine starts working properly again. A huge roll of paper is moved. A lorry transporting rolls of paper. The rolls are unloaded. Close-up of some stages of the production of the paper sheets. A young boy running up some stairs. He then walks in a room looking on the bookshelves that are placed along walls. The boy picks up a book ('Scott's Last Expedition') from a bookshelf and opens it.

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