Film: 3927

Medicine | 1990 | Sound | Colour


Homoeopathy and complimentary Medicine 1990's

People interviewed in London streets. Samual Manniman (Illustration ), rows of 'old' herb-bottles. Titles outline concept of homoeopathy. Shot of Kings College Hospital, London. Non-homoeopathic doctor (Dr. Dudley, The Head of Immunology), Homoeopathic doctor (Peter Fisher, Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital), each explain their own points of view. Anne-Marie Ashe summarizes. Marketing director of Nelsons (homoeopathic medicine manufacturer) explains quality control, etc, shot of technician injecting solution into analysis machine. Technician cuts flowers form plants, mixes up in alcohol and water. Shot of plastic barrels. Tincture dispensed into test-tube, put onto electronic shaker. Technicians work in laboratory, plastic containers move along conveyor-belt, packing the tablets and pills.

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