Film: 3928

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Rural farming family. Village school. Religious icons. Krakow, Poland, Europe. Workers making Christmas tree ornaments. Steel works. Shopping. Tenement blocks. Children watching a puppet show. Men playing chess. Factories and mines in Silesia. Villagers on Soviet border. Woodcutters. Warsaw. Young Poles in a cafe. University of Warsaw. Polish children going to school. Polish children watching televsion and laughing. They watch tv whilst sitting in a communist youth centre. Farming and harvesting parsnips and potatoes - women collecting by hand. Coal transported straight into ships in port. Gdynia. Two women talk over a village fence. Young people in jazz club - man plays saxophone. Woman reading Norman Mailer book. War damage. Archive film of post war reconstruction of Warsaw by large numbers of people. The reconstructed part of Warsaw. A lecture theatre.

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