Film: 3931

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | Colour


A look at the state of the Atomic, Electronic, Pharmaceutical, Weighing Machine, and Food Manufacturing Industries in Sweden in the 1950's

View of lake and forest. Deer grazing. Close up of small fire. Crude wooden wheel and axle. Spoked wheel. Solid metal wheel. Fly wheel. Belt driven wheels. 'R1' experimental reactor of the Swedish Atomic Commission. Atomic radiation warning sign. Man turns key in the reactor and presses buttons, turns and pulls out wheel. Wheel comes out on long spindle, turns it and indicator goes red. Scientist checks metal slug against information on a clipboard. Slug placed in small draw, turned, button pressed and locked in. Key replaced then wheel on long spindle reinserted and locked. Scientist pulls 2 toggles. Uses remote control grips to place slug in wooden block. Surveyor by muddy track in open country. Close up of surveyor. Assistant with survey pole. Surveyor makes notes. Woman sitting in office by typewriter, man comes in and shows her a notebook. Close up of notebook, full of numbers, pages turned. Another woman types numbers from book. Close up of typing on special typewriter which only has numbers on keys. Close up of machine with a memory for 8000 figures producing punch tape. Tape rolls being fed into 'electronic' FACIT machine. Large grey bank of electronic cases. Single cabinet. Man turns knob and presses button. Punch tape produced. Tape fed into electric typewriter. Typewriter produces numbers in normal type. View of typewriter working on its own without human intervention. Woman sitting at telex machine, feeds in punch tape and dials a number. Text & numbers sent and printed out. Man using abacus.

Cars and lorries on new concrete highway. More punch tape being produced. Pills coming off a production line into large bucket. Woman tips pill into hand from tube labeled 'Expigen'. Man does same and swallows them. Woman tips tablets from a bottle into hand and then swallows them. Pharmaceutical factory in the snow. Man in white coat bends over large vat. Close up of man in face mask checking a sample of cloudy liquid. Close up of machine filling and sealing small bottles of yellow liquid. Woman in mask watches machine. Woman uses small machine to fill a test tray. Shots of swedish newspaper articles on the chemistry and pharmaceutical industries. Man mounts steps and pours a bucket into the centre of 3 tanks. Man & woman on small production line. Empty bottles being unloaded by hand. Bottles on production line being filled with clear liquid. Man seals bottle tops. Uniformed nurse climbs into estate car ambulance. Nurse gives patient oxygen in the vehicle while a mans arm hangs a bottle as a drip. Various shots of scientists in laboratory experiments. Man welding large steel decking. Low rise factory in sunlight. Large scales and weighing machines being worked on. Man examines inside of large scales. View of a church and Swedish flag. Lorry drives away from concrete plant. Man at control board of industrial scales. View of the weight. Concrete weighed as poured into lorry. Lorry leaves. Worker in glass factory releases material into hopper. Man pushes wagon loaded with powder, stops and shovels in extra. Shot of weighing apparatus in a line. Material flowing along a conveyor belt. Glass produced and cut into sections. New bottles emerge from machine. Inside of electronic scales. Machine printed record cards. Man adjusts settings on large control panel. Grain hoppers, grain dribbles through. River, town on far bank, ship in foreground. Grain being sucked from vessels hold. Large silos. Grained being cleaned. Grinding. Processing. Flour being bagged in large sacks. Production line filling 'Juvel Kronan' flour in domestic bags. Woman picks peas from a chill cabinet. 'Findus' food factory. Pea harvest. 'tenderness metre'. Several shots of harvest including sunset. Peas being loaded by hook onto 10 conveyors. Machines sort peas. Washing. Cooking. A woman worker hands over supervision to another. Peas drop into large hoppers. Full vats of canning machines. Cans carried away. Forklift shifts packets of peas into a cold store. Cans roll along production line. 'Esso' petrol tanker drives away from storage depot. Views of chimneys and factories, Cranes load ships. Fire then (pretend) rocket taking off. Wooden wheel and axle.

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