Film: 3932

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


A tourist guide to Northumbria, from historic sites such as Hadrian's Wall and Holy Island Lindisfarne to more modern delights such as nightclubs.1960's

A nun walks past children. A bishop and priest walk by children. Children walk accompanied by priests. Similar, a monk carrying a cross. Two monks walking. Children, adults, monk all walking on the beach. Similar. Long shot of pilgrims on the beach - they are all on a pilgrimage to Holy Island, walking there at low tide. Similar, title superimposed.. Roman memorials or votive altars at a nearby Roman temple of Mithras. The ruin of the temple - low walls, visited by a tourist couple. Historical reconstructions of the interior of the temple as it would have looked. The Northumbrian landscape with Hadrian's Wall. A view along the wall, two tourists walking along it. (The Wall was built in the 2nd century AD by the Romans.) Bronze bust of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Painting of what the building of the wall may have looked like. View along the wall to a mile-castle (where soldiers were billeted along the Wall, every Roman mile.) The Wall stretching into the distance. A road nearby. The ruins of a larger Roman fort along the wall. The ruins of its granary. Columns and stones of a barracks. A model of how the fort would have looked. A G-reg Morris leaves a car park. It drives away. The excavated Roman fort at Chesters. The camera moves between the ruins. Its bath house, close to a river. A panorama of the countryside and fields, to a mound which was a pre-Roman fortified camp. Model reconstruction of this camp.

The North Sea whence the Vikings and Saxons came. Painting depicting a Viking arrival. A peel or peal tower - a fortified farm house where Northumbrians hid from marauding Scots. Closer. A country road. A gibbet where people were hanged. The ruins of a medieval castle, visited by tourists. Its barbican. A castle keep and walls. View from its battlements of the coast. View from below of the high keep walls. Cannons on the battlements, pointing out to sea. Battlements and towers. View across lush fields to Alnwick castle. View of the countryside from its walls. Corn fields by a road. The Percy Cross - a battle memorial stone at Hetley (?) Moor. Another angle. Another Percy Cross, at Otterburn. Hamilton Hill - site of a Percy vs Douglas battle. Memorial stone at Flodden, where in 1513 the invading Scots under James IV were beaten by the English. Our Morris car again - the husband opens the door for his wife to step out. The couple walk by the River Till and the bridge where the English artillery crossed. View from our car journeying along a country road. Our Morris pulls up on the road for the couple to look at the cross at Henden (?) Field where King Oswald defeated the Welsh. St Oswald's church nearby, built in memory of his crusade to convert the Northumbrians - a pretty medieval stone church.

Statue of the priest Aidan who came from Iona to Holy Island, from where he converted Northumbria. The modern road and causeway linking Holy Island with the mainland. Remains of the Norman Priory on Holy Island. An archway and ruined towers there, visitors walking amongst the ruins. A priest amid the ruins. Stone head with staring eyes of a supposedly lecherous monk. Angle of a wall where the latrine was. Ruins of the brewhouse. Our car pulls up outside the Lindisfarne Liquer Company. The couple go to the counter inside. They look at a bottle of mead. The woman working there pours two glasses of mead. The couple drink. A man in a white coat climbs on top of mead barrels in the brewery. He tests the mead. The 16th century castle on Holy Island - high on a hill, tourists walking up, our couple in the foreground. Our car drives back on the causeway. By the road is a refuge for those who misjudge the tide. A cannon points out to sea and the Farne Islands off the coast of Bamburgh. Medieval caste, seen earlier - at Bamburgh. The 7th century church of St Peters at Monkwearmouth, and ruins of its monastery where Bede (monk and historian) lived. Painting depicting the death of Bede.

Castle and beach. A golf course near the sea - a middle-aged couple tee off. A woman in a bikini sunbathes on the beach. Children splash about in the waves. A child rides a reluctant horse on the sand. Two horses being ridden on the beach. Children build a sandcastle. The beach seen from a castle wall. An angler casts his line in a stream. He reels a fish in. A small boat enters a harbour. Trawlers at anchor. Fishermen gather nets on a boat. Fish crates are transferred from a trawler. The men on the trawler. Our Morris speeds along the Durham motorway. And approaches the road tunnel under the River Tyne. The high level road bridge over the Tyne at Newcastle. The modern civic centre at Newcastle. A passenger jet lands at Newcastle airport. The airport's car park and terminals. A medieval looking country pub. A country hotel by a busy road. A old stone built pub or hotel. A modern plate glass hotel. Our couple park by the entrance and leave the car to a valet. A posh couple sip champagne or wine in the dining room while a waiter stands nearby. The waiter pours sauce over meat. Champagne is poured in a glass. The posh couple receive their meal (voice over talks a lot of tosh about the Northumbrians having become knowledgeable and sophisticated diners out recently - funny and patronising) and tuck in.

Neon lights for 'La Dolce Vita' club. Another nightclub sign: 'Sloopy's'. A naff comedian on stage. Our couple and others sitting at tables with pints, looking bored. Our couple listening. DJ hopping about behind a sign for 'Sloopy's All Electric Palace'. The DJ tries to look funky. Naff dancing on the dance floor. A naff couple click their fingers to music. A woman's shapely legs dancing. The naff couple keeping time. Women on the dancefloor. Other ravers. Others. Their legs and feet. Funky dancers. A roulette wheel. Chips for roulette are gathered while gamblers watch. A small harbour on the North Sea at dawn. Hands on the Morris' steering wheel. We drive along a country road. Rolling countryside seen from the car. USA flag and bust of George Washington. The 17th century interior and furniture of Washington Old Hall in County Durham - where the ancestors of Washington lived. Our Morris on another country road. Durham Castle, high up. A mural in the County Hall representing the building of Durham Cathedral. A side view of the Norman Cathedral. The tower and a transept of the Cathedral. It's front towers. The central tower. A grotesque door knocker - the sanctuary knocker - on the main door. The tomb of St Cuthbert and St Oswald. Stained glass window depicting St Oswald. The tomb of the Venerable Bede - candlesticks at each of its corners. Silhouette of castle ruins. Durham Cathedral lit at night (poor quality). An old map of Northumbria and surrounding area, credits superimposed.

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