Film: 3933

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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M.r.c. 8mcv Linear Accelerator. Tissue Response To Irradiation. Very precise medical charts and treatment criteria throughout. Shots of contemporary literature on the subject. Black and white photos of linear accelerator apparatus. Shot of 4MeV machine. Shot of Hammersmith Hospital. Elderly man with huge, facial tumour. Diagram of application of radiation field. Tumour two weeks later. Close up of the man's open mouth, to show condition of tongue and lips. Male patient with carcinoma in floor of mouth, close up of tumour. Lies on couch, radiotherapy administered. Progress of tumour shown over next 2-4 weeks. Scar left after nine months. Elderly man shows facial profile, left and right. Camera shows ulcer inside his throat. Development of membrane over next few weeks. Patient again shows profile, marks on his cheeks from radiation entry. Another male patient. Growth of tumour in his mouth. Progress after three weeks radiation. Face of old man, stares into camera and opens mouth. Elderly lady sticks out tongue to reveal tumour. Progress with treatment shown. Elderly man shows facial profile. Extensive tumour of palate. Development with treatment shown. Facial profile again to show skin reaction. Shot of abdomen. Illustrating no skin reaction.

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