Film: 3935

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Canadian Mountie drama.

"Thundering hoof-beats mark the mad unrest of a king of the wilds"
Opening sequence of horse hoofs and medium shot of horse in distance.
Intertitle "Rex had been the pride of the North-West Mounties when his master was alive."
Closeup of Rex" Now he roamed the hills in lonely freedom - intent on avenging the murder of his beloved master."
Shot of gang from viewpoint of the house.
"JD Regan, foreman of a ranch on the Canadian border and secret head of a band of American smugglers" This is signed by Al Ferguson presmuably the author.
Shot of Regan on horse. Pan down as we see him on his Palamino horse.

"The one thing he trusted- Marked of the evil eye"
Regan scolds one of his group. Hits him over the head with the back of his gun. The group moves off. Side on shot of Rex and medium shot of horse on hill. Horse hoofs with dissolve into a mans hand being thumped on a table. Shot of two Canadian Mounties. We are told headquarters are sending up a new man to investigate. Sergeant Jack Gordon arrives at post 128 a timber building. Gordon salutes the commanding officer. Shot of commanding officer. Shot of horse running down the street. Cut to shot of Sergeant Jack Gordon with commanding officer. Close up of Jack. We find out his motivation for the investigation. It was his friend who was murdered. Further shots of horse running through village made up of log cabins. We see sign for Royal North West Mounted Police Post 128. Jack Gordon leaves on a white charger with posse and they chase Rex through the village. Good shots of horses going through a brook. Palamino horse in foreground. Woman on horse makes appearance wearing hat. We see the smugglers from the woman's point of view. The smugglers leader confronts the young woman. The young woman appears confident but headstrong. Intercut simultaneous action between two chases underway. The first between the women and her guardian, the second between Rex and his pursuers. Young woman is knocked off her horse. The guardian makes his getaway after discovering that Rex is pursued by the mounties. Sergeant attends to the needs of the girl. Romance is in the air. Excellent dissolve as white horse moves stage right to left and mountie attends to the girl. Young woman wakes up with her hand resting against Mounties chest. The Mountie and the women part company. Unfortunately a part of her tunic has got entwined in his tunic. End of part One. Part Two missing.

Start of Part Three
Reagan marshals his band of smugglers for a getaway. We see Regan Marshall and his cronies. Regan mounts his palamino horse and goes in search of the girl. The girl breaks into a hut to rescue her partner (the mountie). Regan is seen on route to the house. Shot of Mountie being tended to by the young woman. Point of view shot of mountie from window. Regan arrives at house and hides behing door. As Regan arrives Mountie takes up Regans gun and the young lady ties his hands. Shots of young woman as they tie up Regan. Regan escapes and calls his horse which helps to untie the ropes around his hands. A fight ensues between the two horses. Regans cronies arrive at the gulch and decide to warn Regan of an ambush. Young woman and mountie go into storage room to confront Regan.(In background we see old fashioned snow shoes) Regan stands behind the door and waits with a chair. Jack breaks in and a knife fight ensues. Young woman stands looking as the fight progresses. Intercut with shots of the posse rushing to the house. Fight continues in the living room(parlour). Men wrestle on floor. Long shot of main street on town. Rex is chase by two mounties. Last shot of two men fighting.

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